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CryHosting was founded to solve the problem of expensive hosting and awful hardware. We realized you can have low-priced hosting whilst also having amazing hardware and lots of other features.

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July 2020
CryHosting Launched
November 2020
Hardware upgrade at no additional costs to clients
January 2021
Top-of-the-line DDoS protection enabled on all servers
May 2021
Location expansion to the United States
June 2021
Improved support by bringing on 5 agents
July 2021
Dedicated Server Line Launched
September 2021
VPS Line Launched
Novemeber 2021
Recruited an additional system admin to reduce maintenance downtime
December 2021
Continued location expansion around the United States
January 2022
Deployed the first version of CryPanel to UK & Utah locations
February 2022
Launched New Game Range & new VPS range

Senior Staff

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Henry Smith
Founder and Operations

Henry is one of the founders and executives at CryHosting. He is responsible for directing new features and making sure CryHosting provides value to the customers. He is constantly working on new updates/ideas to better CryHosting.

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Angel Oliver
Founder and Operations

Angel is one of the founders and executives at CryHosting. Angel is responsible for making sure CryHosting is professionally ran to better serve the customers. He is incharge of managing the team of CryHosting.

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Kiran DeGregorio

Kiran is a member of the Management team at CryHosting, he oversees operations as well as doing general admin tasks, and helping keep support response times minimal. He is a skilled and verified bot developer and also creates sleek & modern websites on the side.

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Robert Burdsall

Robert is our newest addition to the Management team at CryHosting, he is tasked with running and maintaining our North American operations, content tasks, and keeping ticket response times fast. He is a content creator producing quality Minecraft content.


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Luke Brown
Senior Technical Support
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Imad Qadri
Senior Technician
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Zaid Waff
Senior Support
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Blake Hurley
Senior Support
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Luke Cyprus
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Nicholas Yoannou

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